PARATY / brazil


Paraty is a small town between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It is just so cute and so different from other parts of Brazil. Its Portuguese colonial center has cobbled streets and 17th and 18th Century buildings. Beautiful white buildings, with pops of colours from the windows, doors and architraves. It really is a must stop if you’re travelling up the coast to Rio. We spent seven nights in Paraty as our accomodation was SO cheap ($15 AUD per night each). You could easily spend just a few nights and appreciate the charming town and the beautiful beaches, jungle, waterfalls, distilleries and windy roads that surround.

DAY ONE / We strolled the streets of the colonial town and snapped some gorgeous buildings. Later in the day, we learnt of the history of Paraty on a free walking tour. For dinner, we ate the traditional Brazilian dish ‘moqueca’. A stew cooked in a terracotta casserole dish with fish, coconut milk, tomato, spices and served with rice. Super tasty!

DAY TWO / It was recommened that we did a ‘Jeep Tour’ whilst in Paraty. The tour through the jungle of the Bocaino Mountains National Park visited a cachaça distillery, waterfalls and a natural water slide. The tour was a highlight of our time in the village. The star of the day was Cachoeira do Tobogã. Sliding down a rock covered in slime into fresh water has such a thrill! The local kids who surfed down the rock time and time again were CRAZY! We did enjoy spectating though.

DAY THREE / Trindade is one of the most beautiful destinations in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is inside the Cairuçu’s Environmental Protection Area. We hopped on a local bus and climbed up and over the mountain to reach Praia dos Ranchos. An enticing beach, a little crowded but the water was clear and oh so warm. A picnic lunch was perfect in the shade of the trees and nestled between some big boulders. Following lunch, we ventured down the beach to Praia do Cepilho. Much quieter and the water much clearer, it was a perfect spot to soak up the last of the sun and swim through the salty goodness. We hopped back on the bus from here and headed back to the centre of Paraty.

DAY FOUR / A popular way to visit some more stunning swimming spots is via boat. The boat took us to a number of snorkelling locations and a delightful local seafood restaurant overlooking the islands surrounding the mainland. We didn’t have the best weather but it was still a fab time. Caipirinhas back at our hostel, followed by some delicious food with some fellow Aussie travellers at Thai Paraty ended the day.

DAY FIVE & SIX / Chilling by the local beaches, hanging in hammocks, sipping on coffee and relaxing. After exploring for the first few days we took the opportunity for some down time. We finished both days at Piratas Burguer, a burger foodtruck about 15 minutes walk along the canal. The burgers, fries and onion rings were so delicious and a must visit (with vego options)! The local drink of Jorge Amado was consumed often and we would highly recommend trying the passionfruit goodness.

Do yourself a favour and get to Paraty if you’re in Brazil!

Much love, Laura xx


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