IGUAZU FALLS / argentina & brazil


THIS PLACE IS PHENONEMONAL! It is SO far out of the way (15+ hour bus ride from the coast) but so worth the journey. A natural wonderland with booming water enclosed by lush vegetation and amusing animals.

DAY ONE / We arrived, fairly exhausted from our long long long journey from Montevideo in Uruguay. We had a tricky time getting to Puerto Iguazú but finally (after countless hours of travel) arrived to a swimming pool at our hostel, BLISS! We spent the afternoon unwinding in the hammocks at Poramba Hostel and preparing for our day of exploring the Argentinian falls the next day.

DAY TWO / We were up early and caught a taxi to start the day on the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls. Our hostel advised us that between four people it would work out the same price as catching the bus and that it did. We paid our entry to the park and started our long day of waterfall exploring. We walked a seven kilometre round-trip bush trail with a cute little waterfall. It was fairly shaded early in the morning. Following the trail, we begun the impressive stretch of boardwalks that would finish at the extravaganza of the 80 metre tall ‘Devil’s Throat’. The falls just got better and better and better as the day went on. H2O streaming down rocks, surrounded by monkeys, birds and gorgeous greenery, it really was magical. Finally, after kiometres of scenic walking, we arrived at the spectatucular destination. There are no words to describe this plethora of water. It was just MIND BLOWING! What a way to culminate a day we will never forget.

DAY THREE / Iguazu Falls form the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. To gain a different perspective of the falls we decided to stay a night on the Brazilian side of the falls in the town Foz do Iguaçu. We spent the night at Tetris Container Hostel and yep, you guessed it, the whole hostel was created from shipping containers with a focus on sustainability. The pool was even made from a shipping container. After crossing the border (a bit of a punish). We made it to our accommodation and found an awesome sushi restaurant Sushi Hokkai so we could get our first sashimi fix.

DAY FOUR / Time to check out the Brazilian side of the falls. Nowhere near as long as the Argentian side, it only took us a few hours to spectate the falls from a lower viewpoint. However, this side gets you up close and personal. Walking out along the boardwalk bracing ourselves to be soaked at the bottom of the cascading water, it was incredible. The sound, the mist and the spray, just CRAZY! We would suggest doing both the Argentian and Brazilian outlooks as they really give you a varied vantage point. We then hopped on our 17 hour bus back to the coast to Florianópolis (at last some beaches).

A magical experience. Those falls sure have some charisma and glamour.

Much love, Laura xx



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