LA PAZ / bolivia

Entering the city of La Paz is an unbelievable view! Diving down into the city from El Alto into the hustle and bustle of taxis and micros, you will most definitely feel alive. A lot of tourists arrive in La Paz to complete the famous ‘Death Road’ and we were no different. Choosing to take the 63km bicycle challenge through mountains and rainforests we were rewarded with some incredible scenery and very dangerous roads! You have to be a pretty serious dare devil to hit the road at speed so I cruised at the back of the pack and took in the cliff faces and waterfalls for most of the day. An experience if you’re visiting La Paz though!

On the other few days we had in La Paz, we spent our time strolling through markets, eating some delicious food in a variety of cafes, cautiously crossing the roads and chilling at a lux hotel. The walking tour of the city was a great way to get some interesting facts about San Pedro prison, get the goss on Bolivian political history and to find the best markets in town. During our time we stayed at Atix Hotel in Zona Sur for two nights and got one of the best views of the city, right from our infinity swimming pool with a margarita in hand. Such a good birthday present after nearly five months of travel. One not to forget!

Another must do is to hop on the cable cars that connect the various areas of the city. Costing only three bolivianos per ride, they are a super cheap and an enjoyable way to soak up the valley of La Paz. Cholitas (the Indigenous women), stroll around the city in the most exquisite dresses, top hats, long skirts and vibrant textiles. They made our time in La Paz very enjoyable as you appreciate the effort that goes into each unique outfit.

La Paz is a bit of a loco city but we enjoyed our time here. A great base to cross the border to Peru as well.

Much love, Laura xx

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